Vanessa Frank initially started out acting for television, short films and corporate videos before moving into film and television production. Following this Vanessa worked in film distribution at Optimum Releasing and international film sales at Renaissance Films, and was Assistant to the Festival Director of the International Screenwriters Festival. In addition to her experience in the film industry Vanessa has worked as a forum organizer for UNAIDS at the United Nations, and has acted as Executive Assistant to the Chief Content Officer of the world’s largest live music channel. She is additionally the author of faith-based supernatural novella Destiny’s Chase. Furthermore she is the presenter and producer of over 100 episodes of Film Talk, a talk show featuring some of the brightest minds in filmmaking, which has featured numerous Oscar winners, Emmy award winners, and Golden Globe winners, and has garnered sponsorship from internationally renowned film brands such as Emmy winner Blackmagic Design.

Vanessa made her directorial debut with Let The Lion Roar, a high-concept faith-based docu-drama starring Kevin Sorbo, Steven Baldwin, Eric Roberts, and John Schneider. This was followed by six-part miniseries called The Everlasting Covenant, which was presented by Shae Wilbur, host of Emmy award winning series Extra. In addition to which she has directed over a dozen commercials for international television network ISN. She led the development division at Moving Pictures Media Group, a film development and production company helmed by 11 time Oscar nominated Michael Minkler. Vanessa oversaw 25+ film and television projects for MPMG. She holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Film and Television from Surrey Roehampton University, is currently an MBA student, and has a huge passion for encouraging the next generation of filmmakers.

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Key Achievements

On Let The Lion Roar:

  • Packaged the project with 24 celebrities, including an Oscar nominated actor and 3 Grammy nominated artists

  • The film featured over 200 digital shots by Emmy Award winning VFX house Magnetic Dreams

  • Initiated an affiliate marketing campaign that reached over 2 million people

  • Designed an innovative self-distribution model

  • Over 15,000 units sold independently via a single website

  • Customers in 52 nations

  • International press coverage, including The Sean Hannity Show, Fox, The Blaze, The Christian Post, and Daystar

On Film Talk:

  • Sponsored pre-launch by Emmy Award winning Blackmagic Designs

  • Reached iTunes "New and Noteworthy" section within weeks of its debut

  • Syndicated by WND (with 20-30 million views each month, WND attracts more traffic than 7 of the 10 top newspapers sites – including the L.A. Times, WSJ Online and the New York Post)



"It’s a very rare gene to be a director and one of the key things about being a great director is figuring out ways to communicate your vision to someone else, and not only that but making them passionate enough to really want to create that vision for that director. Vanessa has this great sense of not only technical - composition, lighting - she is so passionate about getting it right, getting it perfect, having the dialogue, the make-up, the camera movement, the lighting. You know a lot of directors just hear words from their actors – Vanessa sees the whole picture and how it comes together at the end, and I think that’s unique as well. She’s just a really talented, compassionate person and I think that her desire to see this project through and do right by the script is something that really drew me in, and made me want to be involved in this because of that passion, and because of that not only desire, but almost obligation, to tell this script in the right way.”

- Bob Scott, Director of Photography/Camera Operator ("Courageous", "Fireproof", "War Room", "Friday Night Lights", "Nashville")

"Let The Lion Roar needs to be seen by every believer!"

- The Dove Foundation

"It is always a bit concerning going into a heavy effects film with a first time director. In the case of 'Let the Lion Roar' and Vanessa Frank this concern was completely unnecessary. She came to us understanding what she wanted, had a great eye for detail, an understanding of the possibilities, and was a delight to work with."

- Mike Halsey, President of Magnetic Dreams, Emmy Award-winning VFX company

"I first met Ms. Frank when she interviewed me for her talk show Film Talk. Since then, we have also worked together on a film pitch. In this time, I have become familiar Ms. Frank’s unbridled passion for her field. Her boundless curiosity for filmmaking, paired with her resilient faith, has earned Ms. Frank a far-reaching skillset and supportive network. These essential attributes have facilitated her reputation as a leader, who is pushing the boundaries of this field further than ever before."

- 19 time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Nathan Thompson

"I know Ms. Frank through our collaboration on the faith-based film, Let the Lion Roar. Ms. Frank was directing the film and cast me as the lead character, John Calvin. She was responsible for managing the film through all its stages of development, including the script development, casting, acting performances, artwork, and promotion strategy. It was Ms. Frank who brought together a world-class team of industry experts to contribute to Let the Lion Roar, allowing the film to become the successful and informative production it is today."

- Internationally renowned actor Kevin Sorbo ("God's Not Dead", "Hercules", "Andromeda", "Soul Surfer")



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